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Kitty Werthmann and the Misuse of Hitler, History and Facebook

It is often easy to overlook these types of posts on Facebook but this one was so full of vitriolic bile and hate that I had to respond for the sake of history as a discipline and as a lesson on the dangers of chain e-mails and Facebook feeds like this one.

First, the offending Facebook post or chain e-mail should be shared.  Here is a link to the actual wording -

A brief summation of Werthmann's statement is that she is from Austria and is a "survivor" of Hitler.  She is warning that the same thing is happening in America.  They eleceted Hitler in 1938 and we have elected a similar person in 2012.  Economic depression led to Hitler feeding the people creating public works project and promoting equal rights for women.  Then he took away religious freedom, formed Nazi youth, encouraged unwed mothers to have children, and incorporated food stamps.  Women took jobs more suitable for men and government established child care centers. 

Then Hitler's government also instituted socialized medicine and ruined a perfectly good system.  Next the government took over businesses and regulations forced people like her brother in law out of business.  Free enterprise was abolished in favor of central planning.  Werthman talks about euthanasia and finally gun registration and restrictions that left them with nothing to fight with but broom handles.  She concludes that this full dictatorship did not "happen over night, my countrymen would have fought to the last breath.  Instead, we had creeping gradualism."

Werthmann's not so subtly implicates Obama as being just like Hitler and the same is happening in America.  The errors are so glaring that the authenicity is in seriouse doubt and snopes is still investigating. 

After a cursory search on the internet, I found that a lot of people had rightfully dismissed this but no one had attacked it head on for it's inaccuracies, distortions, lies and revealed its dangers in American political discourse.  So I decided to spend several hours to do just that.

First, I would like to point out how easy it is to confuse Werthmann with a holocaust survivor which she is NOT.  I believe this distortion is deliberate and misleading.  It is not stated whether her family had supported Hitler but I can presume that if "99%" voted for him (as Werthmann states), then they were probably among those that supported him though she never makes this admission.  But the real danger in this statement is the implication that Obama is Hitler.

This type of villification is exactly what is destroying our political system.  The people who read and forward this propaganda begin to really believe that Obama is like Hitler.  Werthmann's readers will believe that like Hitler, Obama has been freely elected but is taking over.  What are they to do then?  If elections did not stop Hitler or Obama, then isn't it logical to assume that some people who read this are deranged enough to think there must be other ways to stop him?  Not to mention that now the people who believe this propaganda will look at me as a Hitler, I mean Obama supporter.  They will begin to hate and despise me.

So to combat this ignorance, this statement must be taken apart word by word and line by line so as to present the history accurately and impartially.  This is why I teach history and this is why the study of history is so important because otherwise people are susceptible to such distortions.

Werthmann's historical distortions begin immediately by stating that Austria was annexed peacefully.  She states that 'we elected him by a landslide - 98 percent of the vote'.  Right off the bat this is your first historical inaccuracy.  If ever you see an election that is 98 or 99 percent, it was not an election.  You could have someone run against Daffy Duck and win 25% of the vote. 

If you are assessing the validity of an author's statement and there is immediately a glaring distortion, you can bet that there will be more to come.  So what really happened with Austria?  The annexation of Austria is known as the Anschluss and the facts are very different from what Werthmann has purported.  Here is a quote from my Modern Western Civilization textbook that I teach regarding the annexation of Austria:

       "The fall of central Europe that ultimately led to WWII began with Hitler's annexation of Austria in 1938.  Many Austrians had actually wished for such a merger after the Paris peace settlement stripped them of their empire.  In March 1938, Austrian Chancellor Kurt von Schusnchnigg, hoping to maintain independence called   on Austrians to vote for or against Anschluss, or merging with the Third Reich.  Fearing negative results, Hitler ordered an invasion."  -The Making of the West, Lynn Hunt, Bedford St. Martin's Press, 2001, p 1048. 

So while it is true that many in Austria did welcome Hitler, it was most certainly not 98% and there was significant opposition.

Werthmann is right that the Great Depression was a significant factor in Hitler's rise to power. This i what makes Werthmanns statement so dangerous is that there are kernals of truths that are then used to support false information.  The very definition of the propaganda ironically used by Hitler.  For example, Werthmann goes on to state that "Nothing was ever said about persecution of any group - Jewish or otherwise.  We were led to believe that everyone in Germany was happy.  We wanted the same way of life in Austria."  THIS IS FALSE!  Hitler never hid his contempt of Jews.  He was clear in his hatred and believe in the inferiority of slavic peoples.  He never hid his disgust of homosexuals or other undesireables.  His book 'Mein Kempf' laid it out clearly.

In fact, the Anschluss was done under the justification that Hitler needed to unify the Ayran peoples (Hunt 2).  I realize that Werthmann was only 11 years old but this part of Hitler's plan is hard to miss.  While she may not have known of Hitler's contempt for 'non-Aryan' people, I can assure you that her parents did. 

This distortion is very dangerous because it attempts to dismiss blame for the holocaust by implying that Werthmann and other supporters did not know of Hitler's anti-semitism.

Werthman makes two references to the treatment of women under Nazi Germany.  These references should be read carefully because they are factually wrong and they imply that the women's liberation movement is leading to fascism!  She first states that "Hitler decided we should have equal rights for women.  Before this, it was cistom that married Austrian women did not work outside the home.  An able-bodied husband would be looked down on if he couldn't support his family.  Many women in the teaching profession were elated that they could retain the jobs they previously had been required to give up for marriage."

Think about this implication.  Hitler allowed women to work independently and you see what that led to.  Werthmann is implicitly arguing that women should not be able to work outside the home once married.  She will go on to state that 'unwed mothers were glorified for having a baby for Hitler' and 'Women who stayed home to raise their families didn't have any marketable skills and often had to take jobs more suited for men'.

Again, the implication is that this is what is happening in America as more women have children outside of marriage and women in America continue to take over men's professions.  Could Werthmann actually be arguing that unwed mothers and women who are lawyers or doctors are leading America down the road to fascism?

Once again, Werthmann is wrong.  Here is the relevant quote from the previously cited book, The Making of the West
     "In June 1933, a bill took effect that encouraged Aryans (those people defined as racially German)
      to marry and have children.  The bill provided for loans to Aryan couples in which the wife left
      the workforce.  The loans were forgiven on the birth of the pair's fourth child.  Nazi marriage programs
      enforced a hnineteenth century ideal of femininity; females were supposed to be subordinate so men
      would feel tough and industrious despite military defeat and economic depression."

This is exactly the opposite of what Werthmann has stated.  Is Werthmann deliberately lying or did she just make this stuff up because she obviously had done no research.

Not surprising that the next subject of Werthmann is Hitler's attack on religious freedom.  She states that after Hitler was elected, ". . .I walked into my schoolroom to find the crucifix replaced by hitler's picture hanging next to a Nazi flag.  Our teacher, a very devout woman, stood up and told the clas we wouldn't pray or have religion anymore."  Wethmann then states that her mother put her in a private religious school which was much better.  The implication here is that Hitler removed prayer from school and religion from public life, liberals and Obama are doing the same and so the holocaust is just around the corner. 

The facts are much more complex because people used religion to both oppose and support Hitler.  For more, read The Holy Reich:  Nazi Conceptions of Christianity by Richard Steigmann-Gall.  Hitler attempted to work within the religious structure and there was no widespread attempt to remove religion from public life as was the case for example in the Soviet Union.  There was actually a battle between Nazi paganists and 'positive Christians' that used Christianity to justify the Nazi regime.  Hitler's anti-semitism was easily tied to Christian contempt for Jewish people and existing anti-semitism.

Werthmann next tries to connect Hitler's health care program to the Affordable Health Care Act.  "Before Hitler, we had very good medical care. . .After Hitler, health care was socialized, free for everyone" and everything went to hell in a handbasket after that.  Long waits, 80% tax rates etc. 

Hitler's economic approach was actually opposite of what Werthmann asserts and shows a complete lack of understanding of the difference between fascism and communism which is why the claim that Obama is a fascist is so ludicrous.  While Communists argue for complete control of private business and industry, fascism works through and in alliance with corporations and private sectors to promote their authoritarian regime. 

Werthmann insists that 'free enterprise was essentially abolished' and that consumer protection regulations like round tables instead of square tables led to economic collapse.  First, it should be noted that during the two World Wars all governments took much greater control of the economy including ours.  It became a necessity in total war in an effort to keep the armaments supplied.  So it would be easy to find examples of Nazi regulations in the economy just as there were in the United States.  However, fascism definitely lands on the side of laissez-faire economics when concerning corporations and production.  Corporations were allied with the government and not opposed by the government.

And then of course, Werthmann like all good right wing paranoid propagandists equates Hitler's gun control with that of Obama  Everyone had to register their firearms so the government knew who had them and then they had to turn them in.  So then no one could resist and freedom of speech was gone and they started arresting those who spoke up, not only Jews, but also priests and ministers who spoke up.

Let me get this straight.  Werthmann is asserting that the chain of events went as follows; Hitler comes to power, registers guns, takes guns, then begins arresting Jews and others who speak out against it and then the holocaust begins. 

Again this is ludicrous.  Here is a good article that uses citations and addresses accurately gun control in Nazi Germany -  The fact is that Hitler's regime like all good fascists regimes was militaristic and ultra nationalist which would certainly be closer to Werthmann's political philosphy than Obama's.  Werthmann implies that if only they had their guns, they could have brought Hitler down.  As the author noted in the article, most people supported Hitler and if Werthmann or her family were to take up arms, they likely would have done it to support Hitler.  I'd be interested to know what her family did during the war and whether they served in the Nazi army.  She is notably absent on this information.

Finally, having dismissed most of the unsubstantiated and undocumented propaganda asserted by Werthmann, it should be reiterated the danger of this type of propaganda.  It villifies political disagreements to the point of hatred. 

From a historical perspective, this statement is most disturbing because it bends, distorts and outright lies about history to serve a political purpose.  What's worse, is that it dishonors the millions killed by Hitler.  Here is a great article from Menachem Rosensaft whose grandparents and brother was killed in the holocaust. 

His article warns of the dangers of using Nazi comparisons much more eloquently than I can here.  As Rosensaft states, "Let's be clear. Nazi Germany visited the greatest human carnage in history on humankind. There can be no excuse whatsoever for using Nazi analogies in an effort to score political points, and comparing anyone other than a mass murderer to Hitler or Goebbels is simply unacceptable behavior."

Finally, to those that will read an forward this type of e-mail or Facebook posts, my suggestions are that you really need to study history.  I say that with all sincerity and without condescension.  If you read and believe this then your history education was lacking in the most egregious way and it is having a huge impact on your ability to digest and understand information.  This ignorance makes you vulenerable to the very type of propaganda that Hitler employed to control the masses. 

But what can you do if you do not know the history?  Obviously history is far too large and complex and no one is going to know for sure obscure information about Hitler's health care policies for example.  But you can check for citations.  Check for accuracy.  Check for bias.  If you see something on Facebook, the internet or e-mail, never take it as fact.  And DO NOT pass it on without checking it first.

If you pass it on and repost it without checking it, you are further promoting the inaccuracies contained therein.  Your name is now on that document as being something that you support and believe in.  At best, when the facts are revealed, it makes you look like a fool.  At worse, the truth is never revealed, lies are propagated and history has been hijacked for political purposes.


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I read this post on a good friend's facebook wall a few days ago and felt a bit sick at the hate and vitriol implied towards Obama supporters (me)--after I found it today on a different friend's page today, I decided I had to find some evidence that it wasn't right (as my gut and my limited history education told me it wasn't). I'm thinking carefully of a way to share your post with her without offending her--but all the same, I'm very grateful to have your careful and well-thought out post to rely on. Thanks for bringing some sanity back to the internet today!

    1. Thank you Catherine! Makes me feel good to know that we might be countering this misinformation.

    2. Although there are historical inaccuracies in her account we cannot disregard it entirely - what she has recorded is probably based very largely on her limited perception and recollection at the time as an 11 year old.

    3. Well its sad to see that some like you, refuse to equate Obamaism, socialism, communism, and progressiveism into one mixing bowl but there you are, like all good little Obamites you suppress truths and distort facts of what IS of current event status. Everything she stated is happening as lie upon lie come from our presidents mouth and truth upon truth is suppressed by the main stream media and Obama followers. Try and deny this is happening-----you can't!

    4. I think the author read a lot into Ms Werthmann's comments. The author stated a number of things that were not written nor implied as she took them. And, as Ms Werthmann states, 'You will not read this in your history book." She is an eye witness, not someone writing a history book. You can deny whatever you want, you know, there are people who deny the Holocaust too, sadly. There is subtle 'change' going on in America, and Christian freedom is not the least of it.

    5. I read about half of this lamentable attempt to demythologise Werthman, but the problem is.. although you can point out various inconsistencies in her presentation, the things she says about Obama and his administration are in fact solid! He is using 'executive order' to make decisions that the American people clearly do NOT want.. he knows that history is turning against his whacky ideology, (mid term election result) but he is stubbornly resisting and using his position to further poison the nation. You might be persuasive to those who already share your prejudice, but not for we observers of reality. He can call people "Muslim" when they are victims in America..but he can NOT call 21 Christians from Egypt "Christian" when ISIS murders them 'because they are Christian'. He is incapable of using the term "Islamic" in relation ISIS.

    6. John S. (that cavalry charge at Mohacs must've been a sight): "Demythologise"? Runner's pointing out lies, not "inconsistencies". It's deliberately deceptive propaganda such as Ms. Werthman's that is poisonous, not Obama. What's your evidence that a majority of the country opposes even one of Obama's executive orders? And Ms. Goodwrench: Oppressing others is not an exercise of freedom.

    7. You're going to the huffington post to refute a womans personal account of her own life under Hitler's reign...classic liberal.

    8. Interesting a right-winger is upset at someone refuting a personal experience. When LGBT people say they didn't choose to be LGBT, do you believe them? No. When women talk about ways they experience sexism, or when black people talk about ways they experience racism, do you believe them? No. Conservatives have NEVER offered liberals the same courtesy of accepting someone's personal accounts. By the way, do you ever listen to the words of gay men who survived the holocaust, or do anything other than gloss over the fact that they were targeted too?

      Besides, it's not like this woman is the only holocaust survivor to exist. What about the other ones talked about in links that were provided in this very article, what about those survivors who would disagree with you? What proof do you have that this one woman has it all right while all the scholars AND OTHER SURVIVORS got it wrong? This is just more BS your grandma forwards to you. The facts don't agree with you; deal with it.

    9. "When LGBT people say they didn't choose to be LGBT, do you believe them."

      Yes. And there is value in what Werthmann says if true, even if it is partly inaccurate because she was 11 then (and she's now older than the legal status of many countries).

    10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    11. ™ said...
      So he refers to our history book titled Western Civilization. Key word here is WESTERN. My grandmother's family was from WW2 Austria. Her family's version of the history is very close to Ms Wertmann's account. Closer than this Socialist author's version.

  2. I am delighted to join in thanking you.
    peter avan

  3. So are you saying the History Channel and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum are incorrect in some of their accounting of Hitler's regime which substantiates some of Ms. Werthmann’s claims? There are other websites that reflect her stance as truthful.

    As for comparing Hitler to Obama, I do not agree with that. However there are those in the Democrat party that do advocate the removal of all firearms from the citizenry.

    1. Chris, I do not think anyone is advocating removal of all firearms. But I am more interested in your claim that the U.S. Holocaust Museum has substantiated some Ms. Werthmann's claims. What exactly has the museum backed up? I've been to the museum and have the highest respect for their credentials. Have they specifically backed HER claims or are you stating they back some of what she said? Again, as stated in the blog, some of what she states is true. The trick to this propaganda is to begin with a small truth and then expand upon that with historical inaccuracies and distortions. Remember, Werthmann is not a holocaust survivor as the story would lead you to believe and your invoking of the museum only furthers that illusion and diminishes the deaths of the six million plus victims. As for the 'other websites' that reflect her stance as truthful, what would those be. Because when I googled her, I found only extreme right-wing, end of the world, U.N. conspiracy crazy stuff related to her. No legitimate historical citations references or credibility could be found. I wish I could speak with this woman as I really am beginning to doubt the legitimacy of her story. For example, Gestapo enforcing square tables instead of round tables forced her brother in law out of business? Doesn't that sound a little too far fetched? Isn't something about that story not quite right? Sounds fabricated to me. I would like to see some evidence of this. If this is true, the Nazi's were meticulous in regulations and paper trails and there would be some evidence of this. Where is it? Thanks.

    2. "If I could have banned them all - 'Mr. and Mrs. America turn in your guns' - I would have!"
      - Diane Feinstein

      Please, tell me again how nobody is trying to take all the firearms. I suggest you get educated before you attempt to educate

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. That's a very strong distortion of her quote. She was referring to assault weapons.

    5. @ BBarNavi - Feinstein & Co's manufactured "assault weapon" classification changes. First, we had "assault rifle" which was an automatic weapon. Then we had assault weapon v1.0, 2 evil features, now we have assault weapon v2.0, 1 evil feature.... Soon? No evil features? 1 bullet? That's the plan BB. Keep changing it until you ban EVERYTHING.

    6. The gun laws in Chicago seem to cover all of the guns. I have lived there so you have no way to argue against it.

    7. I saw no comment or even an implication that Ms Werthmann aligned herself with the Holocaust. She DID say that she was a teacher in an Alps mountain village! How does that get to be that she was part of the Holocaust? Many of your statements are twisting what Ms Werthmann said, so you too are taking partial truths and blowing them up. I did not pick up that she was throwing darts at Obama distinctly, rather that America is slowly giving up rights, and that can cause big problems in short order once those stack up, say, in 5 years time, like in Austria. She said that this was not a quick thing, but things taken over time.

    8. I'm confused as your definition of "giving up rights." In Wthermann's own words, she says teachers were elated because they'd no longer be forced to give up their jobs and get married. In what world is that taking away rights? Again the implication seems to be that women having equal rights leads to fascism and oppression, but isn't women having lesser rights than men oppression in itself? The answer: yes, yes it is.

  4. What I took from both of the stories is that complacency & blind acceptance will rob you of everything you hold dear. THAT is the message I think is most important. We as a country are sitting lazily in a frying pan that is inevitable getting warmer and warmer.

    1. Exactly what I got from Ms Werthmann's words of warning, not a direct blow against Obama or anyone else. Thank you Stevi, well said.

  5. Mountain Trail Runner,
    I did not Google Ms Werthmann. I Gooogled what she said. As for being a Holocaust survivor, I believe anyone from that time and country were Holocaust survivors. She may not have been in a Concentration Camp but how many Germans, Italians, Austrians had to conform to survive? How many suffered because of Hitler and his thugs? Good example is Oskar Schindler. He had to conform to the Nazi way to survive even though he did not agree with them.

    I will agree there is not a way to prove or disprove Ms Werthmann's personal story but there are things she states that are correct.

    She said the Anschluss vote in Austria 98%. I will agree it was rigged but according to, (US Holocaust Memorial Museum, "annexation was retroactively approved in a plebiscite that was manipulated to indicate that about 99 percent of the Austrian people wanted the union (known as the Anschluss) with Germany." BUT a 99 percent figure was presented as the result.

    The Lebensborn programme was a Heinrich Himmler project. According to, "The majority of mothers were unmarried, 57.6 percent until 1939, and about 70 percent by 1940."

    The Hitler Youth program.
    Most boys had to join this organization.

    As for advocating the removal of firearms, think Sen. Dianne Feinstein. Her ultimate goal is to disarm Americans.
    She wants a government registry and old weapons turned in and not passed on in the family. Just too much control for the government!

    I tried to get my information from what I feel are reliable sources. I have others examples but have typed too much already. I do agree with Stevi K in that "Complacency and blind acceptance will rob you."

    I will end with two quotes.

    "How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don't think."
    Adolf Hitler

    "Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."
    Benjamin Franklin

    1. How many had to conform, you ask? And how many were those thugs you had mentioned? Schutzstaffel (SS), Sturmabteilung (SA, literally — everyone’s favourite storm troopers), Freikorps (Free Corps), Der Stahlhelm (Steel Helmets) had their membership in millions (SA at its height in 1934 numbered 4 500 500, that’s four and a half million). I am sure they were happy “to conform” to beating Socialists at their gatherings, or putting down Communist revolts (see Spartakists’ uprising in Berlin).

      The level of political violence was astonishing. You talk about gun control? At the time in Germany (before Nazis came to power, by the way) they had banned ceramic ashtrays and walking sticks, because people loved smashing each other’s faces with them.

      And the trope about “they did not know it at the time”? Oh they knew. And some of those even now are unapologetic. In Eastern Europe right-wing authorities take down Soviet war memorials, all the while allowing Waffen SS veterans to openly parade in the streets.

    2. As for Schindler, he is no martyr. He is one of many wealthy industrialists who were happy “to conform” to use slave labour to obtain ludicrous profits, and only one of handful who had some sort of conscience to try to correct that. Sure, if one would get out of line, being rich corporationist would not save you, but many *did not want* to get out of line, because of the mounds of cash.

      And good on you using old Ben’s quote. Where were you when Republicans and Dems were authorising measures like the Patriot Act?

    3. If you Google this Hitler "quotation," you will get about 150,000 hits. I admit that I just looked at the first fifty of them. Not a single one identified a source. As is the case with so many alleged Hitler quotations from right wingers, like the ones about banning guns, there is not a shred of evidence that Hitler ever said this.

    4. Great research and answer, Chris.

    5. My grandma is spreading propaganda by saying the German soldiers were well behaved and the soviet soldiers were like savage animals. It must be her hidden agenda to take down Obama and Putin before she dies of cancer in a few months.

  6. Thanks Chris for further information. The information about Anschluss only confirms my point that the information presented by Ms. Werthmann was not valid. The key word that is provided from your source is 'retroactively'. So it was only after the show of force that this farce of an election took place. Ms. Werthmann neglects to point this out because it is not convenient to her narrative.

    More importantly I have to disagree on your definition of what a holocaust survivor is. I understand where you are coming from in that everyone was effected by Hitler. But there is a big difference between those that supported him and those that were victims of the Final Solution. Remember that Kitty is trying to state that Hitler didn't make his views known. This is blatently false. Surely Ms. Werthmann knows this. Hitler's hate was one of the ways he rose to power and people supported this hate. I am not about to say that his supporters are victims in the same way that Elie Weisel was a victim of the holocaust and I hope you can acknowledge this distinction.

    As for the Lebensborn program link that you provide. That is very good information and very interesting. HOWEVER, the program is only for the relatively few that applied for the program and certainly not for the country as a whole as Ms. Werthmann attempts to suggest. Given the nature of the program and that women were to turn over their children to the state, it is not surprising that most were single. That is absolutely not to say that most children were born to single mothers or that marriage was discouraged. My point about the subordination of women and the use of women as bearers of good Nazi children within the family framework is still valid.

    Think about what Ms. Werthmann is trying to assert here. She is trying to equate women's liberation with Nazism. How insane is that?! Talk about a distortion of history and a bending of facts.

    And finally as for your views about firearms. I know the right loves to villify Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi. I know also that many people, especially the NRA love to encourage the paranoid delusion that the government is out to get our guns. When people subscribe to this paranoia, there is nothing I can say to convince them other wise. It is futile because my words are only further part of the conspiracy or perhaps you will say that I am naive.

    Please quit thinking the government is out to get you. You are the government - we are the government. We the people. What are you going to do? Use your guns to revolt. Some tried that in 1861 and didn't work out to well.

    Please read my previous blog about gun control if you are concerned about that. Even before Sandy Hook, it was quite clear that it was reprehensible to allow the assault weapons ban to expire in 2004. But I do not want to digress into that discussion.

    Rather, my point is to the expose the abuse of history and the propaganda promoted by Ms. Werthmann. Hopefully I have done that.

    1. Unfortunately all you've managed to do is show your extreme prejudice on the issue through the use of reductio ad absurdum. For example, "Could Werthmann actually be arguing that unwed mothers and women who are lawyers or doctors are leading America down the road to fascism?" No, that is not at all what she was saying and you know damn well that it isn't. This point in her speech was simply to show the general erosion or morality in Austria under Hitler's reign. She wasn't saying that women working in mens jobs was the cause of the fall to facism, but rather an effect of it. The only valid dispute is whether or not you agree with her concept of morality. I personally do not think that women should stay at home unless they choose to but we all know that a number of people from her generation still do think that way.

    2. As for alleged support for female emancipation, here is quote from the Martyn Whittock’s “A Brief History of the Third Reich” (section “The Nazis and women”):

      Under Weimar, many German women experienced a greater degree of personal freedom than before 1918. So what appeal would Nazism have for them, with its emphasis on a return to traditional female roles and its opposition to a female presence in the workplace? The Nazi programme, published in 1920, stated that it disapproved of women working. Hitler claimed that the emancipation of women was a slogan invented by Jewish intellectuals. He argued that for the German woman her ‘world is her husband, her family, her children, and her home’.

      Author then continues to explain how Nazis would go on to fix unemployment by removing women (who were paid 2/3 of what males did, thus creating too much competition) from the workforce. Why would they do it different in Austria?

    3. Adam, perhaps it was because you writing at 4:30 in the morning that you chose to raise the level of what had been a somewhat civil discussion. And I would stand by my assertion that she is indeed implying that women's lib is a leading to terrible things and I would say that your comment further substantiates that as you make vague references to 'erosion of morality' - what erosion of morality then is that you are referring to? Anyway, I am going to back out from my conversation with you if it cannot remain cordial.

    4. Not only at 4:30 in the a.m., but on the International Women’s Day, no less. Coincidence? :D

  7. Dem Mountain folk had to interbreed cause the roads were blocked in the Winter. What a joke this Old fool is!

  8. I wrote a piece for Skeptoid about the absurdity of comparing Austria in 1938 to the US in 2013. It also gets more into the motivations behind Ms. Werthmann's comparison, and her alliance with the blatantly anti-science Schlafly family.

    1. Great - Thanks! Wish snopes would get on this one.

    2. For those who don't learn from it, history repeats itself.

  9. Thank you so much! I read that post and it just looked fishy to me. The story was just too much of a mirror image of the ultra-conservative dystopian fears of America becoming a fascist state (and I say this as someone who falls to the right, politically). I very much appreciate the research you put into crafting this post.

  10. Well said Chris Houser,
    As for Mountain trail Runner, You are putting words in her mouth. She does not mention Obama, she simply points out key economic similarities. I find it disrespectful for you to say something like she is not a holocaust survivor, like that some how lessens the seriousness of what happened in Austria. She should be applauded for trying to share her experience and prevent similar experiences. Its not like she benefits from any of this. If you honestly are so busy with accusations that you are blind to the similarities she is presenting than i believe you are proving her point. Our country is falling in to the sheep mentality wanting the government to take care of us and give us free stuff and take away our freedoms and rights.

    1. Meagan, I do not believe pointing these things out to be disrespectful. I feel it is disrespectful to the six million Jews who died in the holocaust for Ms. Werthmann to implicitly compare her experiences to what happened during the holocaust. I think that any observant reader can readily understand the implication that Ms. Werthmann is attempting to make and considering her extremist right wing politics, that would only serve to prove my point. Your own conclusions about us falling in to the sheep mentality is further prove of these comparisons. I invite you to study further Nazi Germany and especially fascism. Are you familiar with the philosophy of fascism? It is right wing politics in the extreme. Ironically, fascism is characteristic of some of the same extreme right wing politics that Ms. Werthman espouses. That is what makes her diatribe so troubling.

    2. How do you assume that she is not benefiting from this?

      She has a DVD about her story she is selling... She is making public speeches, presumably for a speaking fee...

      She is ABSOLUTELY benefiting directly from scaring rubes out of their money... it is a cottage industry on the far right of scaring people out of their money... they do nothing but spread fear & open contempt of their fellow countrymen... just like uh... Adolf Hitler... hmmm... its kinda funny (not really, in reality its pretty scary) but, using propaganda to spread fear & spreading contempt of "others" thats kinda the hallmark of the right wing in America... & they compare Obama to Hitler... Project much?

    3. Yes, Meagan, you too picked up on the fact that someone else, not Ms Werthmann, put Obama's name in the story. She is only sighting similarities from an experience she has lived history.

  11. I noted a number of times where you seriously mistated Kitty Werthmann's views:

    "A brief summation of Werthmann's statement is that she is from Austria and is a "survivor" of Hitler."

    "They eleceted Hitler in 1938 and we have elected a similar person in 2012. Then he took away religious freedom, formed Nazi youth, encouraged unwed mothers to have children, and incorporated food stamps."

    "Werthmann's not so subtly implicates Obama as being just like Hitler and the same is happening in America."

    "I believe this distortion is deliberate and misleading. ... But the real danger in this statement is the implication that Obama is Hitler."

    Werthmann is implicitly arguing that w"omen should not be able to work outside the home once married."

    Again, the implication is that this is what "is happening in America as more women have children outside of marriage and women in America continue to take over men's professions. Could Werthmann actually be arguing that unwed mothers and women who are lawyers or doctors are leading America down the road to fascism?"

    "This is exactly the opposite of what Werthmann has stated. Is Werthmann deliberately lying or did she just make this stuff up because she obviously had done no research."

    "The implication here is that Hitler removed prayer from school and religion from public life, liberals and Obama are doing the same and so the holocaust is just around the corner."

    "Werthmann next tries to connect Hitler's health care program to the Affordable Health Care Act."

    "Werthmann insists that 'free enterprise was essentially abolished' and that consumer protection regulations like round tables instead of square tables led to economic collapse."

  12. Continued.

    "And then of course, Werthmann like all good right wing paranoid propagandists equates Hitler's gun control with that of Obama."

    "Let me get this straight. Werthmann is asserting that the chain of events went as follows; Hitler comes to power, registers guns, takes guns, then begins arresting Jews and others who speak out against it and then the holocaust begins."

    "The fact is that Hitler's regime like all good fascists regimes was militaristic and ultra nationalist which would certainly be closer to Werthmann's political philosphy than Obama's. Werthmann implies that if only they had their guns, they could have brought Hitler down. As the author noted in the article, most people supported Hitler and if Werthmann or her family were to take up arms, they likely would have done it to support Hitler. I'd be interested to know what her family did during the war and whether they served in the Nazi army. She is notably absent on this information."

    "Remember, Werthmann is not a holocaust survivor as the story would lead you to believe and your invoking of the museum only furthers that illusion and diminishes the deaths of the six million plus victims. For example, Gestapo enforcing square tables instead of round tables forced her brother in law out of business?"

    "Ms. Werthmann neglects to point this out because it is not convenient to her narrative."

    "Remember that Kitty is trying to state that Hitler didn't make his views known."

    "HOWEVER, the program is only for the relatively few that applied for the program and certainly not for the country as a whole as Ms. Werthmann attempts to suggest."

    "That is absolutely not to say that most children were born to single mothers or that marriage was discouraged.. "

    "She is trying to equate women's liberation with Nazism."

    "I feel it is disrespectful to the six million Jews who died in the holocaust for Ms. Werthmann to implicitly compare her experiences to what happened during the holocaust."

    "Ironically, fascism is characteristic of some of the same extreme right wing politics that Ms. Werthman espouses."

    Until you can state what someone says in a way that they would agree with then you are contributing to the hate, vitriolic bile, and divisiveness of political disagreements.

    1. Where do you find Werthmann's statements to the contrary?

    2. Thank you B.BarNavi. The above comment only cuts and paste my post and then does nothing to point out where I have misquoted or taken Werthmann's statement out of context?? Strange.

  13. It seems that some of your commenters are not familiar with Kinder, Küche, Kirche.

    1. It’s not Nazi invention, and they may not have used it officially, but they certainly shared the sentiment.

  14. What's next Mr. Mountain? You gonna argue with an astronaut about what it's like to fly in space?

  15. In the long run.... the bottom line for me is... do I think my country is trying to pull a fast one by disarming us. YOU BET YOUR A$$ I DO!!

    If you haven't noticed things like Citizens United, Patriot Act, NDAA, CISPA, SOPA and all the other freedom robbing measures/bills.... you would do well to read up on them and what they mean to YOUR and your family's freedom.

    You might want to pull your money out of the bank and your IRAs because that's the next nightmare coming down the pike.

    I'm not going to argue about what Kitty said, didn't say, inferred, implied, fabricated. DO YOUR OWN DUE DILIGENCE people... Look closely to what happens in countries where guns are illegal. Much of the general public and our idiot elected officials don't even care enough to learn the correct terminology, or to learn the difference between an automatic and semi-automatic, they don't take the time to learn any of the differences between a rifle and an AR 15, or why the AR 15 is so much better for home defense.

    Things are not going to get better by hiding from the cold hard truth. We are in a world of trouble and it's going to get worse before it gets better.

    Smell the coffee people.... we are being hoodwinked!! The notion that all of these measure will keep us safe is pure BS, quite the opposite!!!

  16. Camille, you are spot on with that response. I think our Mountain Runner friend may have dashed off the cliff of reality in his attempt to reframe how history occurred according to what one person ascribed in a book. My father's family grew up in the south during the times when being black in the wrong place could get you lynched. And he told me stories that sometimes ran counter to the narrative that blacks always had to live in fear down there. Now, who should I believe further, the "learned" scholar who researched reports and stories, or a person who actually saw history transpire. When we start refuting the verbal history of those who seen it for the convenience of those who follow a particular political viewpoint, then we are all lessened by what we can perceive as truth in our "historical" documents. As Big Brother rewrote history to suit his needs without the benefit of those who saw it happen, it pains me to see that you are just a another "editor" sitting dutifully at his keyboard changing the narrative to enable tyranny.

    1. right on Paul & Camille. I believe in 'living' history. And at this point in history there are not a whole lot of people out there who can really 'tell it like it was' during WWII. We need to listen and learn from them.

  17. Camille, please go back and read your post and consider just how crazy it sounds. I do not mean to be offensive, it is just honestly all I have to say about it. As for Paul's comment about listening only to the people who lived it. The example you cite from your father in the South is actually an example supporting the very point that I am trying to make. Both your father and Kitty Werthmann saw things from their perspective. Neither your father nor Ms. Wertmann saw things from the perspective of Jews in Nazi Austria or African Americans in the American South. If they had seen things from their perspective, they would understand that yes indeed, fear was constant and used to oppress and subjegate minorities. Whites in the South were often shocked when they learned that African Americans did not like segregation or Jim Crow because whites had convinced themselves that it was a justifiable system. Of course that takes us into an entirely different subject area but I would ask that you read more on the civil rights movement and the Jim Crow south. Your father's version of events is only one perspective. When reading more on this, perhaps you should read the perspective a black man living in the south or a black woman. A great start would be a book entitled The Dark End of the Street. It tells of Rosa Parks and other AA women who sought justice for AA women who were victims of rape. Prior to the civil rights movement, NO whites were ever convicted of raping an AA woman. I think that is pretty telling of the FEAR level that you and your father say really did not exist or was not that bad. Finally, I am definitely not discussing either the holocaust or civil rights in the south from a particular political viewpoint as you suggest. In fact, I do my utmost to remain impartial and unbiased in my reading and reporting of history. That is most unlike Ms. Werthmann was we have already seen has right-wing extremist political objectives.

  18. Let me begin by saying I am a huge Obama fan and supporter but I also believe that we as free people have the right to bear arms. And yes I feel that we should bear arms that can properly defend against those that could one day be our oppressors. That DOES NOT mean we all need automatic weapons or rocket launchers, but rather weapons that can properly defend against those weapons. Of which I believe a semi-automatic weapon with 30 round clips are suffice.
    I cannot speak on the accuracy or inaccuracy of Werthmann’s account of what happened. But it should be said that most every story or account of events is embellished one way or another. Ergo there is almost no way to fully prove or disprove one’s account of history during that era (for the kids: they didn't all have camera phones to document everything like we do know). In my opinion it is best to hear both sides and understand that the truth is somewhere in between.
    What I would like to firstly address is how you, Mountain Trail Runner, did not present this information as impartial and unbiased as you’d like us to think. Most horrifically is how you implicate that she is somehow trying to make people think she is a holocaust survivor. Nowhere does she mention this and you cannot fault her because someone misinterprets what she is stating, or rather in this case, not stating. Secondly I see no impartiality in how you are presenting her story of what she remembers as though it is a comparative prediction of a future to come and not just a recollection of the events, as she remembers them. Events that led to the loss of the Austrian people’s freedoms, and are being used to give warning and caution to Americans to be ever vigilant in the protection and defense of our freedoms. Lastly, while I don’t deny that she may be using her accounts for political leverage I don’t feel that she is solely directing this at Obama, as you repeatedly imply, but rather our entire political system that is becoming more and more corrupted by impartiality and the drive for personal gain and greed.
    As Werthmann’s statements are currently being used in the ever heated gun debate I feel it necessary to end with some quotes from Thomas Jefferson. After all he is the primary author of our constitution and as such would have the best understanding of its spirit and true meaning.
    “Laws that forbid the carrying of arms...disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes... Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.” (Thomas Jefferson Quoting Cesare Beccaria)
    “The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.” (Thomas Jefferson)

    1. Thanks Rob, I have seen the same overstatements as you, and agree. This was put out there, as I read it, as a statement of having lived through a time in history at the stated age of 11, and now, at age 85, seeing similarities. These are statements of events as she lived and persieved them, and that is how she presents it.

  19. "vitriolic bile and hate?" I don't see it.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. "Werthmann like all good right wing paranoid propagandists..."
    "It villifies political disagreements to the point of hatred."

    So she is "right-winged", "paranoid", a "propagandist", and incites "hatred"..... right?

    Well, I most CERTAINLY, want to be like THESE loving and TOLERANT liberals/progressives...sarcasm heavy.

    Liberal radio pundit: Missile strike on NRA gathering would end Obama's problems

    Texas Democrat Party Official Calls For Murder Of Fellow Americans Over Political Disagreement

    Death Threats in Des Moines: Retired Columnist Wants to Kill NRA Members, Drag GOP Leaders Behind Trucks

    Liberals on Twitter call for murder of NRA members after NRA press conference (Video)

    Professor calls for assassination of NRA CEO

    Liberals Call for Killing of 6 year old Conservative

    If sizable numbers of NRA members become gun-victims themselves, maybe hope for legislation of firearms?

    Actress Marg Helgenberger: ‘One can only hope’ NRA members get shot

    Sportswriter Jason Whitlock equates NRA with KKK

    1. Unhinged: Violent online diversion lets players murder NRA officials-- "I really want to shoot Wayne LaPiere in the head in a video game because I’m pissed about how he and others on his side have blamed violence on video games,” the game’s creator wrote. ”This’ll ultimately be a bonus level in the final game, but I want to get it done and released ahead as quickly as possible, in part because I wanna see the man wet his pants on television and bi**h about being victimized in a video game.” - the game's creator

      Nicholas Assunto‏@NickJAss Can...can we shoot...the NRA?

      Sam Malone's Wig‏@SamMalonesWig I generally don't condone gun violence, but Wayne Lapierre should do us a favor and shoot himself in the face. #NRA #Lapierre

      Ahlberto‏@ahlberto @CNN Its time to stop NRA .Kill Wayne LaPierre.They whant war?Its time to kill all NRA top members.Save the children,kill al top NRA members

      David McCreath‏@mccreath Wayne LaPierre can go fuck himself with an assault rifle.

      Max Erwin‏@citruscorp "The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is to have a good guy with a gun," LaPierre concluded. someone should shoot this guy
      Does He Listen to Himself? Matthews Compares NRA to Nazis, Decries Use of Nazi Comparisons

    2. Twitter users call for assassination of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker lauren_2121' wrote "i hope scott walker dies. someone please shoot him?!", 'McGee12' tweeted "Everyone say it with SCOTT WALKER MUST DIE", User 'jritsynme' wrote "He is the devil and deserves 2 be shot!!!"

      FuKiNwAlLy‏@fukinwally Mitt Romney just needs to die, he is going to do no good for our country

      Kaitlyn Kendall‏@skettikat If you think Romney would be a good president, kill yourself. #MittIsShit

      Dan Savage Wishes Palin Gets Cancer

      Obama sanctioned Dan Savage: Bully-in-Chief

      'Tea Party Zombies Must Die' Video Game Lets Players Kill Off Conservatives

      Twitter user tells conservative author Kurt Schlichter that NRA leaders should be killed

      Is the ‘mainstream media’ fomenting violence against conservatives?

      Democratic Congressman says it's time for unions to get bloody

      Video shows union thug assaulting young female conservative activist

      Rhode Island cameraman threatened with sodomy by union thug at protest

      Union thug attacks Tea Party activist at Sacramento rally

      Hate-a-rama: The vulgar, racist, sexist, homophobic rage of the Left

      Southern Poverty Law Center website triggered FRC shooting

      Liberalism remains an ideology of genocidal hate and rage

  22. Replies
    1. No, I would not delete them. Sorry I haven't visited my blog sooner to notice them. I am also sorry that you have spent this much time putting up all these links when just a few would do. First consider most of your sources are biased. Second, consider that 315 million Americans are free to say anything they want to in America, that does not mean you can ascribe a few crazy statements to an entire political party or political ideology. I only wish I could have told you this after the second or third link and saved you a lot of time and trouble. But certainly have to admire your tenacity even if there was a lot of time wasted.

    2. We are so fortunate that we don't have to live through what Ms Werthmann did (hopefully not anyway). We too would probably have a 'slanted' viewpoint of 'history', and we too would appreciate changes we saw in policies and legislation that looked only too familiar to us, having seen similar before. We too, would consider to warn others around us who would listen.

  23. To the author. I happened across your blog through a Google search. I thought I should leave a few words, which might help you, because, sadly, you seem to not understand that if you hear something that you do not like it doesn't mean that it isn't true. You're obviously a relatively young person, speaking from deep ignorance and a fashionable hate of the wisdom of older people.

    I happen to be almost as old as as Mrs Werthmann . My childhood was spent in a communist country, before I became a refugee, 43 years ago, and I have lived ever since in Australia. Your analysis is largely wrong, you are brainwashed and taught to arrange objective facts to suit your perspective of the world. What Mrs W tells us is very much what I experienced under a communist regime, and what my parents experienced under the Nazi regime. Of course we are not going to have Nazism - that's not what the analogy is intended to teach us. It is instead telling us that if we're going the way of statism, which can only happen at the price of individual freedom.
    Most of your 'research' conducted in an effort to vilify this wise older person is subjective, de-contextualised and manipulative. You should have a bit of a think about your motives.

    1. Thank you Mr Nobull! Yes, older is wiser, and we can learn much from your generation which is dwindling, sadly, and we seek the truth too late. Thank you for your history reinforcement. We can only hope that this terrible experience does not get repeated, but we need to learn from your history.

  24. Dan, your words are very mean spirited. You say I speak from "deep ignorance" and a "fashionable hate of the wisdom of older people". On what evidence are you basing this? I believe that a Master's Degree in Political Science and a lifetime of studying and teaching history would eliminate that accusation of "deep ignorance". On what evidence would you base my ignorance on? And what would make you think that I have a fashionable hate of older people? That is a baseless and mean attack against me. Quite the contrary, I have always loved and admired and respected older people and this was deeply taught to me by my grandparents who all lived into their nineties. That said, having that respect for the wisdom of older people does not mean that one should automatically accept as truth what older people may say. It rightfully needs to be questioned in a respectful manner which I believe I have done. I have shown no disrespect toward Ms. Werthman or you. I believe your post does and I thought about removing it but I thought it better to let people read your anger and my response and decide for themselves. notice also that you do not give any specifics as to how I have been subjective or manipulative and I wish you would for I cannot respond to such a blanket and baseless attack that you have made. Perhaps you should take some of your own advice and treat others more kindly and respectfully rather than just make such mean remarks. If you have specific problems with my analysis of Ms. Werthmann's remarks, I will be glad to respond to them in a respectful manner but if you are going to continue with just baseless attacks on me personally, then I will have to remove them.

    1. So your "Master’s Degree in Political Science", makes you an expert? Or are you just attempting to dazzle us with your resume? Unless you're a Professor of History with peer reviewed work where you've personally interviewed survivors, then I will have to take the first-hand accounts of someone who was actually there! What evidence do you provide that disputes her story (directly)? Unless you were there in that very instance, then everything you say to dispute it is hearsay at best, and obviously personally and politically motivated.
      The best reporting is done from an objective position, and had you written your original post objectively, rather than from a subjective stance, you could lay your evidence on the table and allow those of us who are well educated, even though we do not have a Masters of Political Science degrees, to determine for ourselves if her story may have false statements.
      Sometimes it is less what you say, and more how you say it!

  25. You are a special kind of stupid aren't you. History books are made from others recollection of what happened. So why would Kitty's recollection be lesser than the people that wrote the history book. Kitty's statements are just what happened from her point of view. Are they accurate maybe maybe not there is no way to tell. You surely can't check with the history book, because they are just other peoples point of view. The message is true though you loss your freedoms bit by bit not overnight.

    1. Agree, Andy. "Master's Degree in Political Science and a lifetime of studying and teaching history" All that is NOT living it. We, in this generation of Americans, have no idea what these people went through. We need to listen, learn, and respect. And yes, Mountain, you were numerous times, disrespectful to the point of accusing, of Ms W in your piece.

  26. An historical fact NOT mentioned, and an inaccuracy about "Nazi's beating socialsts" is completely untrue. The Nazi's WERE SOCIALISTS. They killed off the Communists because they were just a little too far left and a potential challenge to their authority. Nazi was short for "National German Socialist Workers Party". They had much more in common with liberals in the US now than anyone else in this country. That simple fact (Tammy Baldwin is member of the Socialist Caucus, per their website!). Every populace in history that has suffered under tyranny has been a disarmed populace. It's the primary reason our forefathers put in the 2nd amendment. The Nazi's used 3 escalating tactics on the Jews and others they wanted removed: First step, trivialize the target group. Once it's OK to marginalize and scapegoat a group (Exactly what has been done to people like Sarah Palin and the TEA Party), then you move to demonization, which is much easier once every is OK with step 1. Once everyone is more comfortable with step 2, you then have a populace that will find it much more palatable to take physical action against that group, or even the ones that don't agree, will simply look the other way out of fear. The last step leads to camps and death. It has happened this way MANY times in history, but the Nazi's perfected it. There are many parallels in those steps to what we see happening now. Except we have ALL been educated about the warning signs, and THAT is why the TEA Party folks feel so strongly about the 2nd amendment. Only a fool thinks every one both sides of an issue are stupid or unintelligent, that is pure hubris. But, the marginalization and demonization of conservatives and the TEA Party has already taken place, right? Most liberals just dismiss this argument and fall right to the derogatory place....well, how is that any different from how the Jews were looked at before the actual movement to the camps? But, just as many TEA Party folks have educations and intelligence as anyone else, enough to see these signs and be afraid. They will NEVER concede their weapons because of this. And, who could blame them? They see history repeating itself right in front of them. To underestimate their resolve, would be a grave mistake. I can promise you, I will die at my front door first, before my guns are taken from me by force of confiscation, because as a highly educated person, K know history proves, the next step could easily be the camps or outright eradication. The Holocaust was a valuable lesson to remember in so many ways...

    1. Socialism & National Socialism ARE NOT THE SAME THING... The NATIONAL PART REFERS TO FASCISM!!

      The NAZI Party was not the ONLY "party to call themselves "Socialists" in Germany... in the elections of December 1924 the NAZI Party could only win 14 seats compared with the the 131 obtained by the Socialists (German Social Democrat Party) and the 45 of the German Communist Party (KPD).

      & Regardless of what someone calls themselves YOU HAVE TO LOOK AT THE POLICIES & ACTIONS THEY TAKE... ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS.. .He did it to jump onto the coat tails of the POPULAR Socialist party, it was a means to an end... But he despised socialist & blamed them & others for losing WWI...

      "In April, 1920, Hitler advocated that the party should change its name to the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP). Hitler had always been hostile to socialist ideas, especially those that involved racial or sexual equality. However, socialism was a popular political philosophy in Germany after the First World War. This was reflected in the growth in the German Social Democrat Party (SDP), the largest political party in Germany.

      Hitler, therefore redefined socialism by placing the word 'National' before it. He claimed he was only in favour of equality for those who had "German blood." Jews and other "aliens" would lose their rights of citizenship, and immigration of non-Germans should be brought to an end."

      "Eric Ludendorff had been leader of the German Army at the end of the First World War. He had therefore found Hitler's claim that the war had not been lost by the army but by Jews, Socialists, Communists and the German government, attractive, and was a strong supporter of the Nazi Party. Ludendorff agreed to become head of the the German Army in Hitler's government."

      " Hitler argued that the combination of Jews and Marxists had already been successful in Russia and now threatened the rest of Europe. He argued that the communist revolution was an act of revenge that attempted to disguise the inferiority of the Jews."

      Hitler admired Goebbels' abilities as a writer and speaker. They shared an interest in propaganda and together they planned how the NSDAP would win the support of the German people.

      Propaganda cost money and this was something that the Nazi Party was very short of. Whereas the German Social Democrat Party was funded by the trade unions and the pro-capitalist parties by industrialists, the NSDAP had to rely on contributions from party members. When Hitler approached rich industrialists for help he was told that his economic policies (profit-sharing, nationalization of trusts) were too left-wing.

      In an attempt to obtain financial contributions from industrialists, Hitler wrote a pamphlet in 1927 entitled The Road to Resurgence. Only a small number of these pamphlets were printed and they were only meant for the eyes of the top industrialists in Germany. The reason that the pamphlet was kept secret was that it contained information that would have upset Hitler's working-class supporters. In the pamphlet Hitler implied that the anti-capitalist measures included in the original twenty-five points of the NSDAP programme would not be implemented if he gained power.

      Hitler began to argue that "capitalists had worked their way to the top through their capacity, and on the basis of this selection they have the right to lead." Hitler claimed that national socialism meant all people doing their best for society and posed no threat to the wealth of the rich. Some prosperous industrialists were convinced by these arguments and gave donations to the Nazi Party, however, the vast majority continued to support other parties, especially the right-wing German Nationalist Peoples Party (DNVP)."


      In order to remember it correctly... you need to educate yourself to the known & accepted facts!!

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. It's 2015 and the Obama regime continues its influence and similarities to Nazi Germany.

  29. Do you agree with the reunification of Austria with the German Reich that was enacted on 13 March 1938 and do you vote for the list of our leader Adolf Hitler? 99% voted yes.. Some say rigged but probably didnt need to be.. So i stopped reading your peice when you got this wrong

  30. While I applaud your research into this subject, your post would have been much more readable and believable had it not bee so full of glaring spelling and grammar errors! You actually begin and end a statement with the preposition "on" in one of your comments! You may call this nit-picking, but you are a teacher and should know how to write, and how to use a spelling and grammar checker. This isn't Facebook!

    1. How would you grade a paper like this if it was turned in by one of your students?

    2. "been so full of" Sorry, but my keyboard does not work very good at times and I don't know how to edit my comment.

  31. Hitler actually did try and hide his intentions. Look at his behavior during the Olympics in Germany.

  32. Hitler actually did try and hide his intentions. Look at his behavior during the Olympics in Germany.

  33. Hitler actually did try and hide his intentions. Look at his behavior during the Olympics in Germany.

  34. It is completely idiotic to say that fascism lands on the side of free market economics. You apparently have no clue about what free market economics implies. Free market liberals fled Germany and Austria. Nazis openly attacked free market theory, as did Mussolini. As did Roosevelt.

    1. It's crony capitalist rather than free-market capitalist, but the Nazis only opposed free-market capitalism because of its internationalism. Nazis were capitalists.

  35. Interesting view of how any opinion that is presented to the public by the non-PC individuals, is immediately attacked by the PC Police as inaccurate, the non-PC individual has no credentials "historian". Really? This speaker actually lived the "history". She was not re-quoting some PC acceptable fiction of what history actually was, created by the revisionists in our academic world of today. I encourage everyone to ignore those who would tell you what to think or how to listen. Make your own decisions, do your own research, preferably not all online, and most of all, think for yourself.

  36. Known her half my life. Knew her husband briefly. Magnificent and genuine. Any thoughts about her lieing is silly and desperate. She had experiences that make her a patriot during the Cold War. She is an effective and long time lobbyist for the Eagle Forum. She has the pleasure of being the only old lady I know that gets death threats. She tours because her experiences can serve as a warning so she enjoys the scarifice. I did see a false facebook ad about her and tried to notify the author. Didn't work. She is a survivor of the war, but she is Catholic which she speaks about at the beginning of her recorded story. Anyone would be well served to hear her actual life story instead of this clip point crap. I graduated with a history degree from Lake Forest College since we are validating here.

  37. Fascinating how everyone reads into Ms Werthmanns's account their individual political agenda. I wonder if the author of this blog and everyone both on the right and left are capable of just reading the account without editorializing it to suit their agenda, if they would see what I saw reading it for the first time this morning - a cautionary tale of what happens when the populace votes away rights and liberties.

    Ms Werthmann's account could easily be twisted to bash any number of politicians and political agendas - Obama, Trump, Cruz, Sanders, the ACA, Gun control, Syrian refugees, etc. However, to do so one has to use the filter of their own political leanings to do so. Sadly, one of the problem's our country faces is the inability to put down divisive political agendas and look at history and current events without viewing them through a filter.

    We are a nation that has succumbed to the politics of fear. And fear of one another is what will destroy us, because it leads us make emotional impulsive decisions instead of making measured thoughtful rational decisions.

    1. "when the populace votes away rights and liberties" except there was no voting. Those rights and liberties were taken away by armed invasion.

      There is no need to read an agenda into her words ... she is a frequent speaker at conservative events and an activist with the Eagle Forum who does not hide her agenda: she is against Federal power, against gun control, for religion in the classroom, against women's equality in the workforce and the military, against government healthcare, and against immigration.

      Basically, her recollections of Nazi-occupied Austria in her speeches and DVDs align with the issues she currently advocates. If she is supporting her current agenda with these memories, it is critical that they accurately portray history.

      Many do not view it as a cautionary tale because it did not actually happen that way ... Hitler invaded by force and took over quickly (not slowly), encouraged religion in service to the state, wanted women to focus on birthing babies for the fatherland, and marginalized non-Germans.

  38. Hitler definitely hid his intentions for years.

    My father, who was a solider in WWII who traveled all over Germany as a reporter for Home Front, who helped liberate a concentration camp, who covered the Nuremberg Trials for Stars and Stripes, and who was Jewish, told me that the Allies had no idea about the Holocaust at the time.

    1. I am glad the wall came down in Berlin. My dad was stationed over in West Germany,(1975-1979) and I went to 1st through 3rd grade there. U.S. Army.

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  40. Thank you for taking the time to point out the inaccuracies and post this.

  41. People like this writer, telling people they are ignorant and should study history if they believe Kitty Werthmann's story, are essentially plants or ignorant themselves. Ignorance is undone with knowledge of actual facts and truths which is not what this blog post offers. Instead this unsigned author hiding behind a screen name, without a public profile, expects you to believe his opinions over Kitty Werthmann, who lived through this History.

    The writer uses SNOPES as a reference to prove Werthmann's story is untrue and misleading. Anybody who has bothered using a search engine that is not a biased advertising business would know political information on SNOPES can't be trusted. This writer also "Googled" some information for his "proof" About 89% of Google's US $66 billion in revenue came from advertising. Try using duckduckgo, disconnect or even the oldie but goodie Dogpile. Kitty Werthmann didn't tell her story with the purpose of being "Anti-Obama" as this author attempts to convince you. Pay attention to the language used. "Werthmann's not so subtly implicates Obama as being just like Hitler and the same is happening in America."

    She didn't make that comparison. The author opined that she did all throughout this post. The warning of her speech was directed to America, period. Werthmann's family immigrated here (legally) and was warning her fellow American citizens not to give up all of our rights in increments because the consequences are disastrous and realized by most too late.

    Do not forget, most of you are only using 10% of the internet because you stick to Google and Yahoo. The only thing worse then the arrogance of this writer is the fact that they teach, perpetuating ignorance onto our Country's youth.

    The information is out there. Check out all sides opinions on something and do some critical thinking. The Democrats, the Republicans, the Main Stream Media, The Conspiracy theorists, the unadulterated history books and the 10% of the Internet you are using all give you just enough of the truth to make the rest believable. What is good about that is when you check out all of their versions (even if you are inclined to stick with a particular side) you get enough truth to weed out the lies.

    Hold your heads high and dig deeper. We are all better and more capable then this. Not every truth is found by spending 5 minutes doing research on Google.

    1. Spot on! You shut this arrogant hack down and in as few words as possible. Well done!

  42. It is preposterous that the author of this article cites a Western Civ. textbook to try to discredit Werthman about socialism creeping into the culture that she herself lived through. Especially since western education is tailored to indoctrinate students to become aligned with socialist values, and has been since long before Mrs. Werthman was born.

    You tell us that she was wrong to say that Hitler was elected by 98% of the vote, but you fail to cite a source and tell us what the actual vote was, leading one to believe that you are, in fact, the one arguing without sufficient information to back up your position.

    Why weren't her parents aware of it? Why didn't they do anything? They DID! Her mother removed her from the public school system and sent her to a private school. Most people did not read Hitler's book, that explains why many people did not understand what was happening, but apparently her patents did, and saved her from being indoctrinated. Apparently this writer's did not, as most of his criticisms are nothing more than carefully worded straw man attacks on an eyewitness who lived through this era, and is expressing concern for parallels she sees happening in America.

  43. It is certainly not insulting nor forgetful of the victims of the Holocaust, and at no point does she attempt to paint herself as one. Holocaust survivors have very different stories, and at no point did I think she was a camp survivor, a prisoner, tortured, etc., nor did she lead anyone to think so. Only an idiot would think that, so your argument is baseless, as is your suggestion that her speech somehow insults or dishonors the many who died under Hitler's regime. The phrase the Jewish community has repeated since WWII is "never again," meaning that we have a right and responsibility to monitor governments, to recognize patterns in the behaviors world leaders, to assure humanity that no society or regime can ever become capable of committing such atrocities. That is what Ms. Werthman seeks to do. Many of the Jews were taken to what they were told were work camps, and upon arrival were sent to showers to groom themselves to meet their future employers, and had no idea they would never leave the showers alive until they discovered the pipes did not bring them hot water, but poisonous gas from which they could not escape. If anyone is disrespecting the lives lost, it is YOU for criticizing this woman's astute observations, her knowledge of history's tendency to repeat itself, and the bravery to open the topic for discussion. Quite frankly, it seems you are trying to make the case that it's more important for people to worship Obama than it is to prevent a mass genocide, which is outrageous. If even the possibility exists, it's worth talking about. I have serious reservations about anyone who disagree with that.

    History has shown us that there are stages that lead to genocide, which are always exclusively carried out by governments. Disarming the public is always the final step. Do not try to appeal to ignorance to argue that the Obama administration doesn't have an agenda to disarm the American public. We are experiencing the gradual "chipping away" of the 2nd Amendment and the rest of the Bill of Rights in a way that is exactly as Ms. Werthman described. The centralization, the invasion of privacy, the rise of censorship, and a host of terrifying executive orders signed without the consent of the legislature or the governed. I can only guess that you are either a fully indoctrinated knee-jerk liberal who believes himself to be so clever and well-versed that your automatic reaction is to arrogantly lash out, with visceral hatred toward anyone with a conservative, pro-
    gun message for the people of America, or you are a paid, globalist operative sent to squash the credibility of an eyewitness account of a wise, elderly woman whose agenda is to warn us all the pitfalls of socialism, and promote the values of freedom and liberty. Either way, you have failed in your effort to convince your readers of anything. You have insulted those who disagree with you by insinuating that your knowledge of history somehow places you on a pedestal above those of us who you accuse of needing to study and research more, when in fact, no knowledge of history at all is needed to observe Obama's extreme abuse of power, failure to protect the interests and people of this country, and actions that undermine the Constitution, rule of law, and system of checks and balances.

    There are many more logic fails and misjudgments in your essay, sir, but to address them all would be both tiresome and futile. Unfortunately Left-wing ideologists are incapable of accepting that which is incongruent with their rigid positions. I could continue all night, but I am quite sure I have already made my point to others.